Tungsram EL84/6BQ5 Hungary

Tungsram EL84 Hungary\

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2 thoughts on “Tungsram EL84/6BQ5 Hungary

  1. Tungsram is not well known, but receives more and more praise as time goes, but unfortunately tubes from that manufacturer are disappearing even faster. If you are looking for musical, yet dynamic tube with great transparency – it’s hard to beat Tungsram.

    EL84 delivers the same fantastic quality as other Tungsram tubes. Very punchy and revealing tube competes head to head with giants like Mullard and Amperex.

    These EL84 have a very different plate structure compared to other EL84 tubes making them easy to spot. First, the plates are oval with 2 round holes on each side of the plate. Second, silvery residue on glass – result of the manufacturing process. Could be easily confused with burn marks (on the picture they look gray, but actually they are silvery).

    These tubes can take a lot of punishment, I ran these at 500 V and pushed them really hard. These only other El84 tube that could handle this kind of abuse is Reflector 6P16P-EV and ER.

    Overall a fantastic tube one of the best in EL84 family. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  2. Hi there, looking to try out a new EL84 for my amp. You think Tungsram or the Toshiba highly praised by you would be a better option. The price is the same for both. Also how do you rate the RCA smoked glass?


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