Tung-Sol 6189 Long Gray Plates Horse Shoe getter

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One thought on “Tung-Sol 6189 Long Gray Plates Horse Shoe getter

  1. Hmmm. I had such huge hopes for the tube. I like Tung-Sols in general and really like Tung-Sol 5814 for its very liquid sound, but in this case I was disappointed. The tube doesn’t deserve 4 stars, but it’s not 5 either. This one is again a very rare tube – not the reissue, but a genuine US made Tung-Sol. The sound is good, but there are a few areas where it can’t compare to the majority of 6189 tubes. First bass, it’s mushy, there is no focus or tightness and it’s definitely not very pronounced. Second, liquidity – really not much in that area. The mids are great, but not as liquid as 5814. Overall presentation is good, with mids having that nice gentle touch that a lot of gray plates have, but I guess my expectations were way to high being spoiled by 5814 🙂

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