Telefunken ECC803S Germany

Telefunken ECC803S Germany

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“ecc803s was not magical at all, it sound like great solid state without and sign of 50s euro tubes typical bloom” Read

One thought on “Telefunken ECC803S Germany

  1. Well, finally – the king of the tubes – at least based on the price. Not as high as Western Electric 300b, but for 12ax7 tube it’s really high. I put it against Tesla E83CC, which is exact copy and the results, well… they sound the same. This is a wonderful tube, the best of the best and one of my very favorite, but the cost is crazy! Think about it $600-700 for Telefunken vs $70-100 for Tesla. If sound is what you are looking for, go for Tesla, if brand is what you are looking for go for Teles.

    Other than that read our reviews of Tesla – they are the same.
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