Sylvania CHS 6SN7W Metal Base

Sylvania CHS 6SN7W Metal Base

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“Sylvania 6SN7W has strong bass and is full, but I wouldn’t say it’s romantic or warm…” Read

“the metal base tall bottle is far superior in nearly every category..” Read

2 thoughts on “Sylvania CHS 6SN7W Metal Base

  1. Legendary 6sn7 tube. The only other tube is as revered is Tung-Sol round plates. Soooo, how about the sound? Well. This is a very different sounding tube compared to a lot of Sylvania 6SN7 tubes from 50s and 60s. A lot of them sound very romantic and liquid, this tube is not that, it sounds very transparent and dynamic with great bass. A lot of people think that Sylvania’s bass is just OK – not with this tube – it kicks bass into a high gear. It’s very deep, strong and structured. Top is very extended as well. And then comes soundstage – where-did-my-speakers-go kind of sound stage 🙂 Actually, sound of this tube reminds me of great tubes like type 27 or 6J5 from the same years of production – 1940s. So it might rock your worlds or it might leave you unimpressed. Personally I found the tube tube sound amazing in my system – it just brought the best in music without being overly anything.

  2. I love and hate this tube. It has incredible sound, but very poor reliability. I went through 3 of them now. they just fail after a while. at the asking price I cry when it fails, but have to get more.

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