Cetron 7236

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“For faster sound, brighter: 7236” Read

One thought on “Cetron 7236

  1. This tube is hard to find as it stated in the review above, but it’s a good find after all. The sound is very similar to 5998, but definitely not as relaxed, so for female vocal jazz I would go with 5998. However if you are listening to a lot of rock music or even pop, 7236 offers tighter bass that’s very controlled, but I feel it comes at a cost of not going as deep as 5998. With 5998 bass has sub sonic quality – try playing “Le lac gele” by Michel Jonasz. But… there is always that but issue, it feels that the drummer didn’t stretch the bass drum very tight, so it’s a bit flabbery and thus not as fast, but superbly deep. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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