GE 12ax7 Short Gray Plates

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“Low noise version of the 12AX7. These are an excellent step up from the 12AX7”

One thought on “GE 12ax7 Short Gray Plates

  1. Another disappointment brought to you by your friendly GE tube. Not much to review here. Very boring tube for home Hi-Fi. Mids are not very warm. HF is way too sharp. Although bass is good. One of the biggest issues with the tube is soundstage – it’s flat.

    I’ve read that its works quite well in guitar amps, but for home it’s as generic as they come. I would use Electro-Harmonix 12ax7 instead of this tube if I only had two. Luckily I have more than two and there is not need to scarify my listening pleasure by using this tube.

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